Our product areas

We design and deliver complete systems for efficient heat exchange, condensation, scrubbing and conditioning to pulp, paper and process industries. We also offer distillation and stripper systems for various substances and compounds and provide complete systems for oxidation of white liquor. In addition, we also design customized pump and pipe systems for optimal function in your processes.

Our deliveries are based on studies carried out by experienced process engineers, which means that MISTAB can offer customer-specific solutions.

  • Strong gas systems – CNCG, LVHC.
  • Weak gas sytems – DNCG, HVLC.
  • Stripper off gas handling (SOG) & recovery of kraft methanol.
  • Turpentine recovery.
  • Handling of Flash & Blow steams from digetsers, continious and batch.
  • Scrubber systems in Cooling- & Absorbtion applications.
  • Condenseing & Heat exchanging.

Our business is based in Örnsköldsvik with the world as our field of work.

Weak gas, DNCG

Strong gas, CNCG

Stripper off gas handling


Kraft mehtanol

heat exchanger systems


scrubber systems