Mill Solutions and Technologies AB – MISTAB, is a Swedish engineering company with solid experience in environmental and energy technology deliveries in demanding applications.

MISTAB designs and supplies complete systems as well as individual equipment in a variety of application areas. For instance, MISTAB can provide heat exchangers and condensers, scrubber systems and distillation and stripping towers for most industrially occurring substances and gases. MISTAB can also offer systems for oxidation of white liquor and plants for hydrolysis of biosludge. In addition to specific system deliveries, MISTAB can of course design customized pump, fan and pipe systems for optimal function in connection with most processes.

For optimal performance and function, our system solutions and deliveries are designed in close cooperation with the client in an exclusive collaboration with experienced expertise from Eurocon Engineering AB and Process Engineering in Ovik AB. MISTABs deliveries are customer-specific and are based for best end results on studies conducted in the customer’s environment. To ensure high quality deliveries with solid design, MISTAB has indepth collaborations with a number of workshops with access to modern technology and long experience in equipment manufacturing. This guarantees that MISTAB’s deliveries are competitive from both a technological and a economic perspective.

Although the pulp and paper industry is MISTAB’s main area of expertise, there is good experience of deliveries to other industries such as the combined heat and power and mineral industry.

Our business is based in Örnsköldsvik with the world as our field of work.

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